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Mother, ex humanitarian aid junky, public health geek. I click around Wikipedia until a plot emerges. 

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A Novel

In a universe where space time arises from entanglement-the last thing you want to do is start pulling on loose strings.

Abbay lives lives and lies in the multiverse and believes her life as a covert agent at the Interdimensional Observer Network is going well-as well as can be expected for a fifth-dimensional entity entangled with a psychopathic partner and a group of rogue operators. 

When her manipulative partner O accuses Abbay of destroying a section space-time, our implausible heroine is forced onto a collision course with disaster.

When the mission to open a bridge between Abbay’s world and the universe as we know it goes wrong and the finger pointing begins, Abbay either disentangle from O or do the seemingly impossible: return to the Overlap Section,Lake Bled Slovenia, where the unraveling began to repair the damage and clear her name.

In the face of impossible odds, Abbay risks accelerating the disentanglement unravelling all that matters but if she is to succeed she will have to destroy her reality and come back a phoenix.

Abbay returns to the Overlap Section for one last mission, observing five people who have no idea they are at the center of a multidimensional operation-unhappy wife, a workaholic humanitarian, a ghosted girl, a woke bloke, and a narcissistic physicist, all of whose lives and lies start to echo something familiar,  something closer to home.

With no access to her memory, Abbay must rely on her intuition as she navigates their arcs of time, attempting to weave the tapestry of space-time back together one thread at a time.

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Coming this Autumn 2020

We matter and everything else is an artifact of perspective.

This is story about dark matter. It’s a quest to find it, journey into it and once you are there it asks questions of what do with the invisible dark -matter that is. Told through a constellation of omniscient and at times unreliable third-person narrators this debut novella explores the idea of mattering both in a metaphysical and a classical sense.

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